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Share Your Content, Become a Global Influencer, Meet Amazing People, and Get Paid!

The OneAppeal Agency works as an exclusive Bigo Live broadcasting agency to provide earning opportunities through hosts utilizing their talents uniquely and easily on the Bigo Live social media platform. People who have talents ranging from singing, dancing, talk show hosting, podcasting, DJing, anchoring or anything which makesthem able to attract and engage with a live audience.

We focus on providing opportunities to people who want to follow their passions, and they are not aware how they can start earning instantly by using their talent via social media.

Once uploaded and becoming a host you have the opportunity to network and expand your brand globally through consistent broadcasts that assist in earning your revenue.

Stream with Fans – Looking to build your following or find your current following a new home.  Welcome to BIGO LIVE, where its easy stream with an incredible crew. You can stream and watch other users at the same time, and if you’re a host, you can even make money in the process, with options for donations, gifts, and more.

Be a Global Phenomenon – BIGO LIVE’s presence is worldwide. Rumor has it out fo this world! Stream your content to users across the globe, connecting with new cultures, ideas, and media never before seen.

Futuristic Social Networking – Named a Top Social Media App of 2020 by Forbes Magazine. BIGO LIVE is a revolutionary app that lets you stream content, build a community of peers and influencers, and a global brand  following. No other social network lets you connect like we do.



Are you a solo artist?  We’ve got you covered. Go live and broadcast directly to your friends and fan-base, with no distractions. Got a new song you want to perform? Maybe a new dance you want trending? Or an interview with a bestselling author? Try out single live, where all eyes are on you.



Solo performances may seem a little boring. Link up with other members of your crew and make it a party (they don't even have to be a host). With Multi-Live, you can group stream to your collective fan-base, or host a private room for a more secure interaction. Get creative and have some fun! 


Match & PK

A match made in Heaven... or should we say on BIGO. BIGO LIVE can help you randomly connect with strangers from a host of different countries. Chat or start a PK. Either way, we’re certain this will be the start of a beautiful friendship.


Game Streaming

BIGO LIVE takes gaming to the next level, hooking you up with streams of all the big-name titles, like Minecraft, League, and more. Whether you’re a speed runner, completionist, or an amateur, there’s a place for you in this community.


Giving Gifts

What’s a friendship if you can’t show some love? On BIGO LIVE, there’s a never-ending treasure trove of gifts you can give or receive from broadcasters and fans alike. The best part? Trading gifts gets you points to level up. Level up enough and get more exposure. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Are you ready to kickstart your journey?

Glad you’re in. BIGO LIVE is basically made up of two groups within one community: hosts and viewers.

Hosts: If you’re a host, you’re here to showcase your talent. Becoming a host is simple. Just register under an agency and attend a 45-minute virtual audition. Don’t be nervous – you’re going to be great. At this audition, you will talk a little bit about your interests and showcase your talent. Hosts get paid based on the number of beans in their wallet and the amount of hours they livestream at the end of each month.

Viewers: We LOVE our viewers! The heartbeat of our community. Anyone can be a viewer, and all you have to do is maintain a fully charged account. How so? Simple. Viewers recharge their account by collecting diamonds. Diamonds are used as an in-app currency to purchase gifts for hosts. Gifts can be converted to beans, which hosts use to get paid for their work.

Ready to begin? But wait... What are the best ways are to get gifts as a host?  Here are some ideas to start you off :

  • Livehouse – This is a great tool to identify your true talents and share them with the world. The better your content, gain more new followers . And the better the following, the better your exposure.

  • Heat List – Views turn into gifts, which turn into fame. Have your core following share and tap the screen during one of your streams to increase your status on the “heat list”. This will dramatically broaden your reach to new viewers.

  • Personality – Be yourself, and let your unique talents shine through! Give the world something it’s never seen before and watch your following grow! There is a fan for everyone!

  • Quantity and Collaboration – More content means more viewers. And the best way to get your content seen is through collaboration with other influencers. Use them as your network of mentors and watch your stardom rise!

What are you waiting for?

Become a STAR on BIGO LIVE today!

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