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Social Media Influencers

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Livestream Your Content. Grow Your Followers. Boost Your Income.

Take your Social Influence to a new Platform!

BIGO LIVE is a platform where as a social media influencer, you not only get rewarded for sharing your talents, you also get to connect directly with so many of your fans. With over 23 million global users, new fans are looking for some creative content to fall in love with. As an internet sensation, we invite you to join up and share your experiences with the world.

You can inspire many people, and grow your following to numbers you never thought imaginable.

Get paid for your content!

Joining up with us can help you achieve what so many people try to do – earn a living from being a social media influencer.

Once you get the ball rolling, all you need to do is livestream at least 15 hours a month on Bigo, including 6 social media content posts. If you have already established a following, our app is the best way to earn, learn, and yearn for more. You can change the world, touch a heart, and make a friend – all while earning some serious cash!

So have you got at least 100,000 followers and a smart-working attitude? BIGO LIVE is the right place for you. There’s also an additonal bonus available should you bring a crowd with you!

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