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Submit Audition Video


Below are the audition steps for your video submissions:

1. If you haven’t filled out the host intake form. Please fill it out at and to learn more about Bigo Live.


2. Next you will need to record a 30-60 second audition video. 


Audition Videos should include the following: 

Name + Bigo ID + Age

Agency Name: The OneAppeal Agency 

What will be your livestream hosting talent?


Remember to be positive, professional, and YOU! 


3. Please email your finalized video to for approval. 


Once our team approves your video, please share with me a date and time you can have the video uploaded by. YOU MUST UPLOAD THE VIDEO BY THIS AGREED TIME FOR HOST CONSIDERATION. 


4. Within the Bigo Live App follow Bigo ID: TheOneAppeal and on IG: TheOneAppeal. 


5. Check your Bigo Live inbox for a DM instructing you to upload your video audition by the agreed upon date and time. If not the audition will NOT be valid and they will have to resubmit. 


Note: If the video is too large to upload try using this link to downsize the video


6. Auditions will be processed with an outcome within 72hrs from submission due date. 

Any questions please reach out! 

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